2020-2021 COMMITTEE

New faces, new ideas, new start!

Below are a few members in our club who have taken up leadership positions to help create/organise/delegate/plan a memorable year for ALL our club members, supporters and sponsors making this an experience they will never forget.


Sione Moala Punaivaha

Vice/Junior President

Will Whitfield


Rebecca Voice


Amanda Pakoti

Kiosk Manager

Gaylene Kingi


Noema Te Whata

Lisa Whitfield, Kylie Cross, Joe Murphy, Xanie Te Whata, Ed Delich, Lemoto Manukeu, Michael Neal.

We would like to extend our thanks to our committee members as they help steer our club into the future by developing our mission and vision. If you would like to help us to grow this club please join us on the committee.

Swan.suburbs.rugby@gmail.com or call 0431529848

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